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Dalcon Computers is not just a single service supplier, we provide solutions to your IT
  • provide managed IT support services
  • design and implement complete office IT and network solutions
  • build computers and servers specifically to your needs
  • manufacture rugged industrial quality electronics to your specific requirements
  • source and supply all types of IT equipment and software


Established in 1992 with our Head office in Perth, WA
We are the preferred supplier to the University of WA and we offer IT equipment, design, support, and service


To provide Complete IT Solutions that enable other Businesses to succeed


To be a complete IT Services company that other businesses can trust and rely on to provide solutions to all of their IT needs.


  • Excellence                                       Responsibility
  • Timeliness                                       Accounability
  • Courtesy                                          Honesty
  • Fairness                                           Availability

specialised IT provider

We are the preferred supplier of desktop and notebook PCs to the University of WA and have been providing IT equipment to the University for over 12 years.  We are the exclusive provider of rugged rack-mount PCs and racks to a world renown manufacturer of mining equipment training simulators supplied all over the world.  Dalcon also supplies rugged rack-mount PCs to a manufacturer and operator of work class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) used in offshore drilling and production.  This level of quality and attention to details ensures confidence that Dalcon Computers provides equipment that lasts.

Our History


Dalcon Computers only partners with the leading suppliers of hardware and software. We have excellent relationships with all of our partners so we can act on your behalf to get the best possible prices and service.

Medical IT Specialists

We pride ourselves on providing the most effective solution to your medical practice as we understand the IT needs of the medical industry.  We have extensive long-term experience with all brands of practice management software and understand what is required to link your practice to all of the necessary government, clinical, pharmacy and ancillary services.

We are the only recommended Medical Director IT partner in the Perth metro area.