Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) are two important but different components of any layered IT security strategy. Data Backup is the act of storing a copy of your data at a separate storage location so that they can be restored if they are lost, damaged or locked out.  Disaster recovery is the act of restoring those files and data and getting up and running again.

Dalcon Computers will ensure that your company data is backed up securely and is guaranteed to be available if required.  Dalcon can also help to develop your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and provide you with the tools and equipment needed to get your business back on track after a problem arises.

There are a huge variety of Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions in the marketplace at present and more are becoming available every day.  Dalcon Computers can examine your business requirements and tailor a solution that suits your budget, data retention needs and speed of recovery requirements.


Data Backup

The retention and security of company data is critical to the continued success of any organisation.  Data can be lost due to accidental deletion, hardware failure or malicious intent.  The key to recovery after a disaster strikes is to have highly secure and readily available data backups.  A copy must be maintained off-site and the integrity of backups should be tested regularly as to ensure that it can be restored.

Data should be backed up regularly with a frequency that suits your company’s needs.  If you need to recover from a malicious attack, can you cope with a backup that was done last week, yesterday or do you need one from 30 seconds ago?  Matching the solution to your needs will save you time and money.

Dalcon Computers can offer an range of secure onsite and offsite backup solutions with fast recovery of accidentally deleted files, full recovery in the case of a hardware failure or malicious act and archival of older data that needs to be retained for legal or tax purposes.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen so you must be prepared.  In the same way that you insure you building, vehicles and people in case of disaster, you need to have Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to insure your IT infrastructure and data can be restored properly and in the minimum amount of time.  Dalcon Computers can assist you to develop an effective DRP for your business.  If you think about how your business would operate with the loss of its data and it’s easy to see how a Disaster Recovery Plan is vital for its future.  Dalcon Computers can work with you to develop the most effective solutions to enable fast and easy restoration of your data to the granularity you require and at a price you can afford.  This will minimise disruption in the event of disaster without paying more than you need to.

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