IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management involves the collection and maintenance of detailed records of the software and hardware assets and their current configuration for your site.  Our IT Asset management service is designed to quickly and efficiently get to the root of problems with the help of the Asset service history and the Asset management overview of customer hardware and software inventory. Asset Management should be a part of your IT business strategy to not only maintain optimum, up-to-date IT assets but also to plan for obsolescence and future purchases.  Dalcon Computers’ IT Asset Management service reduces the risks and costs of growing an IT portfolio.

Using Dalcon’s IT Asset Management

Track Hardware Assets such as:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Etc.

Manage IT Related Asset Details including

  • Asset Names
  • Code and Serial Numbers
  • Warranty expiration dates
  • Purchase prices
  • Vendor and Manufacturer information
  • License Keys and Codes
  • The Creation and Management of Customized Fields

Track Software Assets such as:

  • Windows® Server and Desktop Licenses
  • Anti-Virus software licenses and subscription information
  • Microsoft® Office® licenses
  • Accounting package licenses
  • Etc.

We can also:

  • Track and manage Asset in hierarchies like a server and its installed backup drive
  • Provide reminders when hardware warranties will expire, when software update subscription licenses will end, etc.
  • View a complete service history for each Asset
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance technician visits
  • Print Asset reports in a variety of layouts

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